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Online A-Level Tutoring by UK Qualified and Highly Experienced Teachers

At Performance Tutors, we tailor student's needs and academic requirements with the most appropriate tutor from our extensive pool of experienced, UK qualified online teachers, who can offer exceptional A-Level tuition in student specific subjects. All of our tutors have experience of teaching Key Stage 5 and A-Level exam preparation during their teaching careers, and are experts in their specialist subjects.


*Fees for one to one online tuition start from £30*

Why Choose Performance Tutors?

We support students at all education levels and abilities to perform to their very best, reach their goals and achieve success in academics, creativity and confidence.

Qualified Teachers

All of our tutors are qualified teachers who have significant classroom experience and up-to-date knowledge of the national curriculum.

Pupil-Tutor Matching Guarantee

We listen to all your requirements and introduce you to the right tutor to match all your needs. If you are not entirely happy then simply let us know and we will arrange an alternative tutor.

Expert Customer Support

With decades of experience in education, our customer service is both expert and personal, giving you the comfort and confidence to contact us at anytime to discuss any aspect of your education.

Online A-Level Tutoring by UK Qualified and Highly Experienced Teachers

For students who have made the decision to continue in education, this may include studying for A-Levels. Whilst many students may have found GCSE content and exams manageable to a certain degree, there is truth in the perception that A-Levels bring a considerable academic increase and expectation compared to GCSE. This is largely due to the increase in content, analysis and work-load and can be the first stage where students are intensely challenged by academics, but also struggle with the transition between secondary school and further education. 

Despite this, if university courses are part of your plan then good A Level grades are essential, especially when applying for multiple universities or when the competition is fierce. Therefore, maximising your chances of achieving the best grades for your chosen universities is essential. As such, some students may benefit from tutor support, and Performance Tutors can find the perfect match for your A-Level study needs, including revision and exam preparation.

All A-Level tutors at Performance Tutors are experienced, qualified teachers, with extensive experience of preparing young people for A Level exams and are skilled in exam technique with accurate knowledge of the curriculum and its content. 

*Fees for one to one online tuition start from £30*

Online meeting

How do I arrange Online A-Level Tuition with Performance Tutors?

Finding just the right tutor can be a confusing and time consuming task, where, after hours of internet trawling, you may be left with more questions than answers and a long list of tutor profiles to dissect. At Performance Tutors, we take that stress away from you. Simply contact us and explain your requirements, and our expert staff will match an appropriate teacher with each student's exacting needs.


Naturally, there may be occasions when students and their tutor don’t ‘click’, however you can always request an alternative tutor or cancel at any stage. It is important to us that a strong and trusting student-tutor relationship is built, especially for key times in education such as exam preparations.

In fact, our thorough hiring process ensures that only the best tutors with accredited teaching qualifications and classroom and examination process experience work with us at Performance Tutors. Therefore, you can be at ease in the knowledge that the tutor we select to work with each student will be a great match for all your requirements. 

Insightful and Professional Feedback

Here at Performance Tutors, we understand the importance of regular contact between you and your tutor. Therefore, all our tutors provide a written response to every lesson so that you can track your progress. Lessons can also be recorded at your request for students to refer back to at their leisure - this is particularly useful when it comes to revision and exam preparation.

*Fees for one to one online tuition start from £30*

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