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11+ Summer 2024 Classical Literature Reading Club

Our 11+ classical literature reading club is structured around helping your child to be amongst the top students in all 11+ Grammar and Independent Schools.

Why Join Our 11+ Summer Reading Club? 

Consistent 11+ reading is vital to build an extensive vocabulary for all aspects of the 11+ English exams. Excellent vocabulary is what will ultimately bring 11+ English exam success and top results.


The majority of students do not read enough books due to a lack of motivation or exciting extracts to keep their interest. This limits their creativity and exposure to various genres of texts. Most importantly, they are unable to grasp key words and phrases to help them answer 11+ comprehension questions, as well as use them in their creative writing. Both 11+ Grammar Schools and Independent Schools highlight that outstanding vocabulary is what distinguishes the top students in an exam.


The 11+ classical literature reading club focuses on:

  • Extensive reading from various genres

  • Building excellent vocabulary

  • Enhancing critical and creative thinking


Mastering the English language cannot be done overnight, it requires time, patience, and most importantly, consistency. The key to achieving 11+ English exam success is being well versed with a plethora of extract and maintain your reading.

Our 11+ reading club will focus on exposing your child to all genres, so they are well prepared to face unseen texts in the 11+ English exams. We ensure that our 11+ reading list provides a motivating challenge to your child while at the same time keeping it fun and interesting.

Most parents say that encouraging their child to read is a challenging task. Perhaps your child is finding certain books too difficult to comprehend, or simply they find the television more interesting.

Through our 11+ classical literature reading club, we strive to deliver:

  • In depth reading of various genres of literature

  • Techniques for selecting key vocabulary from unseen texts

  • Creating an extensive vocabulary bank

  • Enhanced critical thinking and creative writing skills

We will use a range of popular books to include classic and modern novels, ensuring a wide range of genres are covered.

Important Information:

  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday (1-1 available or small groups)

  • Each session is 40mins: 10am – 10:40am

  • All sessions delivered via Zoom

  • Suitable for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students

  • Suitable for both 11+ Grammar/Independent Schools and other children in these age groups looking to improve their vocabulary, exposure to classical texts and reading.

Summer classical literature reading club is paid for in advance.

Booking is now open for our summer 2024 classical reading club which starts on Tuesday the 24th of Julyfor 5 weeks and costs £90. 

To book your place email Rebecca on: or call on 07354818913.

Be quick…spaces are running out!





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