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Qualified and Experienced Teachers for Online Tuition

Performance Tutors provide private one to one online tutors in maths, English and science at all levels including primary, GCSE and A-level, as well as tuition in 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance examinations.

Online Classes

*Fees for one to one online tuition start from £30*

Why Choose Performance Tutors?

We support students at all education levels and abilities to perform to their very best, reach their goals and achieve success in academics, creativity and confidence.

Qualified Teachers

All of our tutors are qualified teachers who have significant classroom experience and up-to-date knowledge of the national curriculum.

Pupil-Tutor Matching Guarantee

We listen to all your requirements and introduce you to the right tutor to match all your child's needs. If you are not entirely happy then simply let us know and we will arrange an alternative tutor.

Expert Customer Support

With decades of experience in education, our customer service is both expert and personal, giving you the comfort and confidence to contact us at anytime to discuss any aspect of your child's education.

About Online Tuition

At Performance Tutors, we use a variety of virtual online classrooms such as Zoom and Google Classroom, which include digital whiteboards with integrated audio and video capability. Sessions can be recorded by request so you can refer back to your lesson as often as required - this is particularly useful for older students where revision is a key part of their studies.


Via screen share, both tutor and student can write on the whiteboard and learning materials can be shared and uploaded to the learning space which can be useful if homework is required.

Thanks to a wealth of technology at our finger-tips and our technical expert tutors, highly effective and efficient one to one online tutoring session are always achieved, leaving more time for teaching and learning rather than note-taking. 

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Online One to One Tuition by Qualified Teachers

Many tuition companies work with tutors who are students, currently studying for their Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, or have an internationally recognised teaching qualification such as TEFL/TESL. However, at Performance Tutors, we only work with professionally qualified and experienced teachers, to ensure that all our tutors have recent and relevant classroom experience, training and accreditation in the education system. Having had years of face-to-face classroom experience, they have a thorough understanding of the national curriculum and continue to keep up-to-date in this knowledge.

We know all of our tutors, from their personalities and experience, to their knowledge and skills, so when tutor-student matches are made, we take an active role in this and strive to make the right match. However, if the match we make isn't quite right, we will go back to the drawing board until we find the ideal match. Usually, the tutor will carry out an informal assessment in the first session to build a clear picture of the student’s needs and then create a bespoke programme of tuition.

Our professional customer service strives to ensure that resolutions are found as quickly as possible if any problems do inevitably occur in order to support both you and your child at all stages of your journey with Performance Tutors. 

Deciding to work with an online tutor requires thought, time and research, with probably more questions arising that answers. At Performance Tutors, our experts in education will attempt to answer some of those most common questions that may arise.

*Fees for one to one online tuition start from £30*

What are the Benefits of Online Tuition?

The beauty of online tuition is that it can all take place from the comfort of your own home, with no travel necessary. Therefore, time is 100% dedicated to teaching and learning. 

Performance Tutors provides the option of receiving lesson recordings so as to revisit themes and subjects taught. This also enables the student to consolidate their understanding of the lesson and address any questions or misconceptions to be brought up in the next lesson.

Sometimes gaps in learning occur due to a lack of rapport between student and teacher which leads to a lack of confidence and motivation. At Performance Tutors, students are matched with tutors based not only on their educational needs but also matched to their personalities and individual learning styles. We have a wide range of tutors which allows for a better fit when matching student with tutor. 

*Fees for one to one online tuition start from £30*

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